We never forget that it’s
your home.

written by Matt Stern
tags: Marketing

These days, we’re so bombarded by advertising that we tend to tune most of it out. We ignore it, so we don’t go crazy.

But now and again something grabs our attention. And if the message is a match to our fears or desires, we pay more attention. Maybe even click a link, or pick up the phone and dial.

The other day, as I drove home from the hardware store – have you ever replaced a bathroom ventilation fan? Good times. – I noticed a slogan painted onto a white pickup truck. Underneath the company logo it said,

“We never forget that it’s your home.”

It took me a moment to realize the genius contained in these 7 simple words. Let me try to explain why, and how you can apply the principles to your website (and your marketing in general).

Why does most marketing fail?

Most marketing fails because it does not connect with the potential customer. Put another way, it fails to convey that the business understands the customer.

Much of what passes for marketing these days is some version of a bland platitude like, “Quality you can trust,” or “Serving xyz since 1985.” Big whoop.

While these might be true and even helpful, they neither say much about the customer nor differentiate the business in any meaningful way.

Imagine you need to hire a contractor for a home repair or remodel. You know how expensive and stressful it can be. You want someone who is not just technically skilled, but someone who is trustworthy.

You assume most contractors just want to bust out your project as quickly as possible to maximize their profit. This is intimidating to say the least. Even scary.

Now, return to the slogan “We never forget that it’s your home.”

In this simple phrase, the business is letting you know that they understand your concern. They acknowledge that for you, this is not just another project. It’s your home.

They get you. And they never forget that this is the case.

Now, a company can’t succeed on a slogan alone. But if this slogan informs the rest of this company’s marketing, and–most importantly–how they actually do business, this can be the foundation for success.

How can you apply this to your own marketing?

Good marketing generally combines two things:

  1. An acknowledgment of your customer’s problem (or fear, desire or goal) and
  2. Your commitment (or skill) to solving this problem.

Show your potential customer that you get them, and then show them (with as much detail as necessary) how you are the right person (or company) for the job.

Ask yourself, “What is my potential client afraid of?” “What does he or she want?”
There can be many answers. Write them down.

Next ask, “How am I uniquely qualified to help this person?” “Why do I love helping people with this sort of problem?”
There can be many answers. Write them down.

When you put the answers to these questions to use in your marketing, you’ll be on your way to connecting with your potential customers and leaving bland marketing in the dust. Remember, effective marketing describes how your skills and expertise help your customer reach their goals.

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