Site Assesment

Wondering if you need to overhaul your website? Get an assessment before you jump into the deep end.

A site assessment gives you insights delivered in short order.

Why assess your site?

Maybe your website is new, but it just isn’t generating the leads you’d envisioned.

Or perhaps your site is a few years old, and you’re wondering if you need a complete re-design, or just a few updates on key pages.

Without breaking the bank, you’d like to identify some problem areas and realize opportunities for quick wins.

What’s the goal?

A successful site assessment leaves you with a list of recommendations that you can implement on your site with relative ease.

Often there are aspects of a website that can be improved quickly. Here are some examples of common problem areas:

  • Confusing product or service descriptions.
  • Poor typographic etiquette which leads to poor readability and low credibility.
  • Low quality photography.
  • Bland “About” page.
  • Pages with too many choices and no clear call to action.
  • Lack of credibility signals. (social proof, credentials, good content, etc.)

What’s the protocol?

If your site is a good candidate for an assessment (see form below), we’ll schedule a 15-30 minute call to go over your main challenges and goals.

I’ll review your site and put together a document and/or video screencast with my recommendations.

We’ll wrap up with another call to go over my recommended changes.


$299 to be paid before our first phone meeting. 

I only send an invoice once I’ve reviewed your site and identified that I can make meaningful suggestions. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

Interested? Get the ball rolling.

Please fill out the following form. I’ll look over your site and get back to you within two business days.

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Matt is a problem solver and also has an eye for making things look clean and inviting. His prices are right and he works hard.
We’ll continue to rely on Matt for future work. Don’t hesitate to hire him – but you must ask our permission first. We never want him getting so popular we have to fight you for his services.”
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