Julianne Kelley Art

Web and Graphic Design

Juli Kelley Art Main Mockup

Project Overview

Artist Julianne Kelley wanted her portfolio site to be clean and professional, but with a bit of flair and edginess. She didn’t want another overly serious artist site.

Her art is the star of the show, but we accented it with a bold, geometric font and a simple but vivid color palette.

As with all our sites, her site is built for speed; and it performs well even on inexpensive, shared hosting.

Our Work

  • Custom, responsive web design.
  • Typography and color palette development.
  • Custom logo-type and favicon.
  • Hosting, domain and email set-up.

Speed Results

Speed Test Screenshot

Project Gallery


Custom Logo-Type and Favicon

Color Palette

Juli Color Palette 1
Juli Kelley Full Page

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