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Project Overview

Artist Julianne Kelley wanted her portfolio site to be clean and professional, but with a bit of flair and edginess. She didn’t want another overly serious artist site.

Her art is the star of the show, but we accented it with a bold, geometric font and a simple but vivid color palette.

As with all our sites, her site is built for speed; and it performs well even on inexpensive, shared hosting.

Our Work

  • Custom, responsive web design.
  • Typography and color palette development.
  • Custom logo-type and favicon.
  • Hosting, domain and email set-up.
"I’m delighted with the website Matt created for me. I enjoy Matt’s sense of humor, creativity, collaborative skills, and patience. I also appreciate his professional work ethics and commitment to delivering a product that I was happy with.

He was open to feedback and corrected small issues immediately. I had so much fun working with him. He’s very easy going and also a perfectionist- traits that seem opposite but work! He kept me on track for the schedule of making the website, and sent updates on his and my to do lists, which was very helpful."
Juli Self Portrait Small
Julianne Kelley
Fine Artist

Speed Results

We aim for under 2 second load times on all sites.

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Project Gallery


Custom Logo-Type and Favicon

Color Palette

Juli Color Palette 1
Juli Kelley Full Page

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