Dr. Chad Young

Web and Graphic Design

Project Sketch

Dr. Young is an experienced chiropractor who is expanding his practice to include remote health coaching.

The challenge was to create a friendly and inviting online presence that appealed specifically to women, Dr. Young’s target audience.

Functional medicine emphasizes lifestyle and diet changes so we included photos of food, plants and healthy, happy humans.

The color palette is natural and harmonizes well even though we used over five distinct colors.

Three fonts give the site visual interest and contribute to the friendly and feminine feel of the site.

This site was a collaborative effort between Steve Teare or PagePipe.com and Stern Design Co.

Our Work

  • Custom, responsive web design.
  • Typography and color palette development.
  • Custom logo-type and favicon.
  • E-Book Design
  • Mailchimp email marketing integration.

Speed Results

Project Gallery


Custom Logo-Type

Color Palette

Email Marketing

Landing Page and E-Book Design

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