Does web design even matter?

written by Matt Stern
tags: Philosophy

Design is about connecting the dots. You have a product or service. An idea, a goal.

Out in the world, people have needs and wants. They have problems to solve, dreams to attain.

What you offer can help. Solve someone’s problem. Make a dream come true.

But how do you convey the value of what you do?

How do you connect what you offer to what another person needs or wants?

Good design is the connector. It’s the colors, images and type. It’s the layout, words and buttons.

Good design represents you, but it’s not for you. It’s for the people who want and need what you offer. It’s for your customers and clients.

There is a relationship between you and the people you serve. Good design enhances this connection. It builds a stronger bond between you and your people.

Good design is good business.

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