Speed-Up WooCommerce with<br>Selective Activation

Selective activation of plugins is a favorite strategy for speeding up WordPress websites. Now you can use plugin skills to speed up WooCommerce e-commerce sites – without coding! Read the full article on PagePipe.com

How To Build a MailChimp<br>Landing Page that Converts

What if there was a way to add a landing page to your site without any extra costs or sacrifices in load time? You can, and I’ll show you how. I’ll also share some simple changes we made to our call-to-action. These improvements increased the click-through rate and conversions. Read the full article on PagePipe.com

Why and How This Site was Built

Take a peak behind the curtain and learn the why and how this site was built. I’ll share some of the thoughts behind my decisions and a bit about the technical details of the site.

Chapstick, Shared Experience</br>and Human Connection

I’ve worked with my current employer for over 5 years. They’re a husband and wife team and run the business out of their home, so we know each other pretty well. Recently a small interaction boosted our affinity for each other.